Hope for a Post Brexit World

We are steaming head to the reality of a post Brexit world where we are no longer part of the European family. With around 15 months to go until our departure date our leaders still have no coherent exit strategy and we still have more questions than answers. The divorce bill is already looking a lot higher than what was proposed earlier in the year. As for the party, well this is what the Guardian has to say:

The Liberal Democrats face being squeezed even further in 2018, with the party likely to struggle to make itself heard in the debate beyond Brexit and real fears for its future as a political force, former party staffers and academics have warned.

Several key members of staff have left over the past few months, and the party’s poll position is stuck rigidly at about 7%.

One departed party staff member said there was “a genuine fear for the future of the party”, pointing out many of its 12 MPs have small majorities, including former leader Tim Farron, the new education spokeswoman, Layla Moran, and the work and pensions spokesman, Stephen Lloyd.

Prof Glen O’Hara, an expert on political history and polling at Oxford Brookes University, said higher-earning public sector professionals and former Green voters who may have voted Lib Dem over Brexit were now “solid Corbyn”.

In their former heartlands in the south-west, Ukip voters have switched in huge numbers to the Conservatives, blocking any Lib Dem resurgence. “Put it together with the pincer from Brexiteers in their blue heartlands and public sector professionals in cities moving left, and they face a long time in the wilderness,” O’Hara said.

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Some good news on the horizon is that our former leader, Nick Clegg, is all set to be Knighted in the New Years’ Honours liost in a couple of days. He will be added to the Pantheon of Lib Dem greats who have been given this prestigious award and it is recognition of the great work he did in governement before his sad demise at the last election.



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