Job Losses in the Steel Industry

steel workersThe press is full of headlines about the loss of jobs in the steel industry and we fell that this is purely down to government policy and lack of foresight on their behalf.

Companies such as Tata Steel have laid off up 1,200 workers in the last couple of months. Reasons such as the cost of electricity, a strong pound and cheap Chinese imports have been given for the job losses which have decimated parts of Northern England and Scotland.

We feel that more needs to be done at the European level to create a more even playing field for our steel industry and call on the government to institute policy which will help them out.

The closing of these major steel production plants also has great implications on our defence policy as the steel produced there is used in the armour plating of our weaponry along with being an integral part of our trident nuclear weapons programme.

The government has laid the blame firmly with the Chinese but also refers to a recession in Brazil along with all of the issues going on in Russia.

The knock on effect on British jobs goes far deeper then just the steel industry itself. We call on the government to implicate policies to help many smaller industries which support thousands of jobs which are directly affected by the steel industry such as the fabrications industry and the building trades.

We strongly agree with many commentators that this government needs to come up with a coherent strategy for the British steel industry before it is lost forever and many small communities destroyed.

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