Plans For Brexit

Everyone is wondering what this new governments plans for Brexit are. In this discussion we share what we believe the best exit strategy for the UK is and how the government should implement the changes.

Teresa May, has recently stated that Article 50 will be applied in March of next year with a final exit from the EU in the Spring of 2019. This will cause quite a bit of uncertainty, particularly in the financial markets, with the Pound down to a record low this week against both the Dollar and the Euro.

The strategy for exit needs to be correct from the outset and Teresa May has highlighted one or two of her ideas including her push for unique access to the Single Market whilst maintaining our control on freedom of movement.

But we feel that they must push ahead with commitment to upskill British workers if they are going to reduce the number of migrants each year. They have to stick to their pledge of training 1,500 more doctors every year so the NHS has the numbers it needs to carry out all of the operations needed for our ever aging population.

The other pressing issue is housing. We don’t feel the government has done enough with its £5 billion pledge to build more homes on brown field sites. We feel more needs to be done but not at the expense of the environment – we would like to see what other ideas are viable?

While some of the proposals have some validity we would like more clarity on the important issues regarding employment and the NHS as these key areas have so much influence on the working members of our society.

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