Some of the Dangers of Environmental Pollution

Environmental pollution is such a huge concern because it can literally destroy the Earth. There are people who throw old cups and containers on the ground instead of in a trashcan or recycling bin. As the wind starts blowing outside, the trash thrown on the ground can move around and end up in trees, on the grass and even in the ocean water. Many sea creatures were injured and even killed by pollution in the water caused by humans.

In some countries, it is nearly impossible to swim in the ocean water because it is heavily polluted with debris. There are photographs of children and adults trying to ride in small boats and canoes while gliding past all kinds of trash. The pollution in the water has a horrible effect on a lot of different creatures, but it also has a negative impact on humans.

Most of the water we drink comes directly from the rivers around the world. If the rivers are heavily polluted, it is not healthy to drink that water. It is not just rubbish that could make its way into different oceans and rivers. In fact, oil spills can occur and cause massive damage to different bodies of water. When this happens processes like sludge dewatering can help massively to improve the environmental hazard caused and lessen the negative effect.

An oil spill is one of the worst forms of pollution because it is so difficult to get the oil out of the water. It often takes such an extended period to remove every last trace of the oil, so many sea creatures become sick and even die. In the past, ducklings and other animals were covered in oil and had to get washed thoroughly with dish detergent before being returned back into the wild. It is simply unfair to put these animals in that kind of danger.

There are a lot of bad things that can happen if humans do not stop polluting the environment. Some animals may become extinct, causing problems for the food chain. When pollution in the air occurs in the form of a gas, constant exposure to that air pollution could cause extreme health problems for humans, including lung cancer and asthma.

The only way to protect the environment is to recycle and educate others on ways to stop polluting. People can ride bikes instead of driving cars, use solar energy instead of an outdated source and even make sure to recycle instead of throwing their trash on the ground. It does not take a lot of effort to help protect the environment against pollution.

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