The Political Landscape in 2017

With the start of the New Year brings great uncertainty on the political landscape not only here in the UK but globally as well.

We still don’t know the full fall out of Brexit and what form it will take and the Trump Administration is yet to be inaugerated. Both of these eventualities will play out over the next few months.

Our hope is that a soft Brexit will allow a period of adaptation after we leave the EU. The uncertainty for business and research is a great concern for many as a great deal of jobs are reliant on these two giant industries. There are threats of banks and law firms moving jobs to the continent and office buildings throughout the City are filled with an air of trepidation.

Research funding is another area that has great uncertainty with both grants and jobs up in the air. A commitment to both of these areas is a must and the quicker the better.

Trade with our European partners is another big area of unknown consequences, particularly on the issues of tariffs. The value of the pound and how it relates to the Euro will have far reaching effects on British companies and their ability to trade on a level playing field with the rest of the world.

Switching to a more upbeat topic and particularly the outlook for the Party being very rosy in 2017. With our recent Richmond by-election victory by Sarah Olney and the rise of our leader Tim Farron the future looks bright for our party. We hope to secure more local council seats across this parliament and build towards the expected General Election of 2020, although the political landscape for then is very hard to predict.

At grassroots level we need to keep investing in feet on the street to get our message to the public and ride the wave of our membership rise post Brexit.

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